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6 Common Underwear Design Problems - Solved!

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Every woman has their own opinion on what makes the best women's underwear design and it usually depends on individual body type and personal preference.

However, after completing a great deal of market research and spending many days testing and trying out different underwear brands, styles and fabrics (30 years to be precise!) we discovered the same 7 underwear design problems, showing up again and again.

      1. A Narrow Gusset
      2. Skimpy Lining
      3. Awkward Seams
      4. Sheer Panels & Lace
      5. Seamless Underwear
      6. The Muffin Top

We decided that it just wasn't good enough and created Huha Mineral Undies to solve each problem, once and for all.

Problem: Narrow Gusset

What is a gusset? The gusset is the strip of material in your underwear, usually found at the crotch, intended to give you extra support where you need it the most.

I think we can all agree, when the gusset in your underwear is too thin and narrow, it can be acutely uncomfortable, particularly as you grow and your body changes, especially after childbirth.

A thoughtlessly designed narrow gusset, also doesn't take into consideration the numerous different shapes of our vaginas, labia and vulvas. Every vagina is unique, and a narrow, ill-fitting gusset is one way to unnecessarily rocket our genital insecurities to new levels.

Point of fact, if you were ever worried about the shape of your labia, just know that there are roughly seven different types, ALL of which are completely normal, despite what your underwear might suggest.


Solved: Huha Undies Wider Gusset


We realise that every woman is unique and beautiful and that a little extra support for your vagina is never a bad thing. This is why we decided to create a wider gusset on all our styles, including our bestseller Mineral Thongs!

Our wider gusset is much more comfortable, offers all vaginas the support they need and reduces those unwarranted labia insecurities dramatically.

Problem: Skimpy Lining

A problem that goes hand-in-hand with a narrow gusset is skimpy lining. Not surprisingly, when there is a very narrow gusset, there is very little room for a supportive lining around the parts that count. A common occurrence in badly designed underwear is that the lining stops abruptly, sometimes right in the middle, where your vagina lives. Why is this? We don't have the answer. A guess would be that they were designed by men... but we do have the solution.

Solved: Full Coverage, Zinc-infused Lining


Huha's full coverage, zinc-infused lining (industrial patent pending) is exactly that, full coverage. Our lining extends from the very top and front of our undies the whole way back and past the butt. It doesn't stop short, it doesn't start somewhere in the back or middle, it covers the area that actually needs to be covered.

As an extra bonus, our super soft lyocell fabric lining is also infused with zinc. In a clinical study it was also discovered that zinc-infused lyocell fabric provides very strong antibacterial activity against the bacteria that causes itch and skin irritation and the bacteria than leads to UTIs. Read more about the properties of zinc in our previous blog post.

Problem: Awkward Seams

Ever stepped into a pair of underwear that has a seam right up the center of the crotch? Ouch! Unfortunately, this is a common problem in underwear design, that is usually the result of cheap manufacturing.

Not only are these awkward seams uncomfortable, but they can also become the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Solution: No More Awkward Seams!

  1. image

    Seams like a relatively simple solution, but our underwear has zero awkward seams and instead we have placed them in areas that make sense for our bodies. If you hate having your labia parted like the Red Sea on a daily basis, our mineral undies might just be the solution to your problem.

    Problem: Sheer Panels & Lace

    We agree that a strategically placed sheer panel and frilly and cute lacy lingerie can make us feel sexy, but with constant wear, this can lead to vaginal irritation and sensitivity issues, which are... not so sexy.

    The reason why we develop these issues over long-term wear is the down to the fabric selection and texture of our undergarments. Sheer panels in underwear are usually made from nylon or polyester - unless purchased from a high quality, luxury brand. As we discussed in a previous blog post, nylon and polyester are synthetic fabrics that trap heat and don't allow your vagina to breathe. Similarly, lace can be just as restrictive. This leads to an increase in bacteria growth which causes bad odour and infections. 

    Solved: Super Soft, TENCEL™ undies


    In our opinion, the best breathable underpants are made from natural fabric such cotton underwear as well as TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal, which is also super soft, lightweight, absorbent and durable. You can find these textiles in our Mineral Thongs, High Rise Briefs and Cheeky underwear. 

    Read more about the properties of TENCEL™ in our sustainable underwear fabric guide.

    Problem: Seamless Underwear

    At first glance, seamless underwear does not appear to be a problem. In fact, when facing down a beautiful, yet very tight, body-con dress, we are positive seamless underwear has been a saviour for each of us, at one time or another. But on the surface, seamless underwear is not as amazing as it appears.

    When manufacturing seamless underwear, the garment needs to be created in one entire piece (whole garment) or cut with raw edges (what the market commonly knows as "seamless"). However, the only fabric that allows for this kind of treatment are synthetics - which, as we all know, is a vagina health 'no-no'. (See above section)

    Solution: Huha Seamless Undies

    We don't currently offer seamless underwear as our underwear is made from TENCEL lyocell and modal fabric. However, we are currently working on a new low profile thong. It won't be completely seamless, but it will achieve the desired effect. Follow our Instagram for product news and launch updates.

    Problem: The Muffin Top

    Regardless of your body shape and size, many of us (if not all) have experienced the dreaded 'Muffin Top' at some point. This can be caused by wearing the wrong size underwear, but usually its down to cheap, uncomfortable elastics that dig into our waists and our legs.

    Nothing is more upsetting than wearing the correct size underwear but still having a muffin top. Ladies, this is not your fault. Badly designed underwear either has an elastic waistband that fits to tight or elastic that does nothing to prevent underwear riding up your butt.

    Solved: The Perfect Elastic


    In a lengthy design process, we tested many different elastics across our entire underwear line until we found 'the one.' Our elastics stay true to the shape of your body and have enough 'give' to avoid the embarrassing 'muffin top'. Our elastics can be found in the seams of underwear at the waist and leg opening creating a 'stay put' effect - so no more pulling underwear out of your butt.

    If you feel like purchasing undies that were actually designed for women BY women, without having to purchase custom underwear, head over to our Shopify store and browse our mineral thongs, cheekies and high rise briefs!

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