Bye Lite Collection, Hello Tan and Green

Bye Lite Collection, Hello Tan and Green

You all loved the Lite Collection – dropped in the spring for the summer months. As summer comes to a close, it's time to say goodbye to the remaining items in the Lite Collection and...

Hello, Tan and Green

We decided to extend our core colors with the Tan and Green hues you loved from the Lite Collection, previously called Earth and Forest. We will be dropping the colours into our core Mineral Undies collection in the coming weeks. You can signup for notifications when that happens here.

Expanding Our Core Collection

As you may know, we take product development at Huha very seriously - we like to wear test like crazy before we drop any new styles. When we dropped the Lite Collection, we wanted to respond to your request for a lighter weight fabric and at the same time, see how you liked new, earthy tones. Turns out, you loved the colours which is why they're here to stay. 

We look forward to dropping new styles, collection and colours in the near future. But only sustainably. 





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