A 3rd Birthday Note from the Founder

A 3rd Birthday Note from the Founder

Wow. How is it that 3 years have already (and only) gone by since I first sat at my laptop during lockdown and hit 'publish' to the very first version of our Shopify theme? Time – in moments like these – just doesn't feel real. 

Over the last 3 years of building this company, I (as the Founder) have had some incredible experiences. And, of course, some incredibly hard ones too. But the most rewarding, the most joy I've ever felt, has been in connection with this business and the team we've built.

Without the loving, wonderful, and brilliant Huha team, this company would not be what it is today. We've weathered many storms in our short time as an underwear startup. We've gotten through a pandemic, an economic downturn, and a seemingly unsurmountable shift in the world of online advertising.

How have we done it? What is our secret sauce? Aside from our determination to create better underwear and a knack for innovation, our secret is you. Our customers.

Whenever I'm asked during a business meeting, investor presentation, or even most recently during my Dragon's Den pitch "Who is your customer?" all I can really say is:

"They are all kinds of people, all kinds of backgrounds and ages. But one thing they all seem to have in common is... they're all incredibly kind."

Thank you for being you, and for making these past 3 years absolutely f*cking incredible. 

Shop the Birthday Capsule Collection we created for you, our most beloved customers, here.

With love, 

All of us at team Huha

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