Meet the Mineral Undies Lite Collection

Meet the Mineral Undies Lite Collection

Spring and summer are coming, thank goodness are we right? 

As a general rule, we think most women's underwear are made with fabrics that are too light, and we like to design underwear that feel more substantial, last longer, and provide more support.

But we know that certain parts of the world –– and your body –– can get very hot. And the last thing we want is for you to overheat.

Breathable Fibers For Down There

As you know, we only work with the most breathable fibers that keep you feeling fresh and cool. In fact, TENCEL™ Lyocell cellulose fibers absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton. This supports the body’s natural thermal regulating mechanism, keeping your skin feeling cool and dry throughout the day and night.

Meet Mineral Undies Lite

Mineral Undies Lite is a new collection, featuring two new colors (green and tan) inspired by nature and crafted for summer. They are made of the same incredible fabrics and zinc enhanced lining, with a slightly different way of constructing the outer fabric. 

This means you can expect

  • Even softer handfeel - yes, we mean it!
  • A lighter weight fabric ideal for the warmer months
  • 4-way stretch that gives the utmost comfort and is less restrictive, think of a light touch instead of a hug!

Sizing Recommendations

For most, you will be the same size as our regular Mineral Undies collection. However, because this is a lighter weight constructed fabric, you can expect it to feel less restrictive and generally 'lighter' when worn. If you are between sizes or would consider sizing down in your regular Mineral Undies, we would recommend sizing down in the Lite Collection. 

About the Launch

Mineral Undies Lite are launching to select groups of customers between April 1st and April 3rd. For earliest access, we recommend getting on our SMS List. Otherwise, come back April 4th and the collection will be public here! 

Shop Mineral Undies Lite Here.


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