The Body Project is coming

The Body Project is coming

Ever worn a bodysuit and dread the moment you have to pee and awkwardly try unfasten the gusset in the cubicle?

Or the gusset is so unbelievably uncomfortable that it's all you think about all. day. long - with the narrow, short gussets and the badly placed buttons going straight up your hoo-ha.

Ugh. The struggle. We feel your pain. 

Well we've got EXCITING news for you.


The Huha Bodysuit

 The Huha Bodysuit

The Bodysuit has been a work-in-progress for the last 3 years and we are excited to say that we really have knocked it out of the park with this one - get ready for a Huha exclusive, patented design that will rock your socks off!


Huha has got your back (& your hoo-ha)!

The Bodysuit features a first-of-it's-kind, exclusive to Huha, gusset, which is:

The front closure of the Huha Bodysuit   Back closure of the bodysuit
  • removable & replaceable, with an easy access & easy to manage front and back closure - making those trips to the bathroom a lot easier.. Hoo-RAY!
  • infused with zinc-oxide - meaning you can ditch those undies and stay fresh and protected all-day-long!
  • designed extra wide to keep your hoo-ha covered and comfortable - no more front wedgies (if you know, you know).

The Bodysuit is:

The Bodysuit on two plus-sized models

    The Body Project

    The Body Project is a 3 week long crowd-funding campaign and is our way of gauging the market before we invest in the full production of the Bodysuit. 

    How does it work?

    If interested, we simply ask you to place a pre-order of the Bodysuit. If we reach our goal after 3 weeks, we will put it into production.

    If not, you will be entirely refunded.

    For the wait involved, we are going to be offering you:

    • 20% off the Bodysuit in week 1 & 2 of the campaign
    • 15% off the Bodysuit in week 3

    Placing a pre-order means you get FIRST DIBS when the Bodysuit is finally here!

    In addition, we'll be donating 5% of all Bodysuit sales to a non-profit organization seeking to bridge the gender gap of mental health through advocacy, research, and support for leaders who are helping women through critical transitions & vulnerable life moments along their womanhood journey.

    The Launch

    Launching soon!

    To be first to hear about the launch of the Body Project campaign and all updates regarding the Bodysuit, sign up to our waitlist here.



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