The Ultimate Undie Fit Guide for Vulva Owners

The Ultimate Undie Fit Guide for Vulva Owners

When was the last time you considered whether you're wearing the right size underwear? 

In the world of bras, it's become more common to get fitted by a specialist (either in a change room or over a virtual fitting) and many of us have heard statistics about how many women are actually wearing the wrong bra size.

But, it's less common to talk about whether we're wearing the right size undies, even though the risks may be even higher for vulva-owners.

The risks of wearing the wrong size undies

According to Bustle, it's important to wear underwear that fit you right for your health down there. 

'Super-tight underwear causes an uncomfortable amount of friction that will lead to mild irritation at best and ingrown hairs at worst.

On top of that, tight underwear can contribute to the development of yeast infections because it allows for heat and moisture to build up in your vaginal area — and heat and moisture create the ideal setting for bacteria to grow down there, as we'll see throughout this article.' 

A bit about our size guide


We have always denominated our sizes with fruits instead of sizes, because who wants to be referred to as a number or a set of letters? 

Our size guide is made for true-to-size comfort fits, but naturally, some styles will always fit different body shapes differently. You can review our style-specific fit recommendations below.

Our fit advice for each style of Mineral Undies

  Brief Boxer Bikini Cheeky Thong High Rise Thong Low Profile Thong
Go by: Waist Hip Hip Hip Hip Waist Hip
Fits like: True to size
True to size
True to size
True to size
True to size
Slightly big Slightly snug
Between sizes? Size down Size up Size down Size up Size down Size down Size up


Let's get you fitted right

In order to get you fitted right in our undies, it's best to know two key measurements off-by-heart: your waist and your hip. Tip: we recommend taking your measurement in inches and doing so without clothing on so your results aren't skewed.

Taking your waist measurement

Your waist measurement is taken at the slimmest part of your waist, usually near your belly button.

For ultimate accuracy on measurement placement, stand tall, facing forward, and bend from side to side. The area of your torso that 'folds' when you bend is the exact placement for your waist measurement. 

Taking your hip measurement

Your hip measurement is taken at the widest part of your hips and bum. Stand in the mirror so you can determine the widest part of your bum, and wrap the measuring tape around the front. 

Tip: Be sure not to take your hip measurement with jeans or bulky pants on as this can add an inch or more to your true measurement. Don't pull the measuring tape too tight, either.

One you have your waist and hip measurements, you can find your size on our size guide.

Fit quiz if you don't have a measuring tape

If you don't have a measuring tape at home, go here to take our fit quiz, select 'fit by brand' and select your favorite brand. Don't see your favorite brand there?

That's okay! You can always find a pair of jeans you love and go to the brand's website to pull up their size chart. Ensure you are browsing in the right location, as size guides can change amongst different countries. You will then be able to get your hip and waist measurement ranges according to the size you wear.

Then, simply compare to our size guide to find the right size. 

Other recommendations

If you're still struggling to choose the right size, we recommend:

  • Read reviews: Go to the product page of the style you are interested, and scroll down to the reviews section. Here you can browse all-customer fit recommendations or you can even filter to your size by expanding 'filters' and selecting your fruit size
  • Look at photos: On each product page, we also have some photos with sizing in the 'See it on in your size' section.

If you are still unsure, please contact one of our fit specialists using our on-site chat or by emailing 

We look forward to you finding just the right fit!

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