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Weโ€™re proud to use biodegradable cellulose fibers that are infused with healing Zinc Oxide


Our undies are extensively wear-tested and constructed with anti-chafe seams that promise to make you forget you're wearing underwear altogether


We utilize eco-friendly, biodegradable shipping supplies and steer clear of plastic whenever possible

Why Zinc?

Natural antibacterial that targets infection & odor causing bacterial strains

Increase absorption to wick moisture away from the skin faster

Soothes inflammation and regenerates the skin of your sensitive areas

Our Zinc lining is:

99.91% effective against Candida Albicans, the fungi causing yeast infections

99.94% effective against E. Coli, a bacteria found in stool that commonly causes UTI infections

99.93% effective against K. Pneumoniae, another common bacteria causing UTI infections