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Mineral Cheeky Undies

$29.00 USD

Cheeky Underwear for Women | Huha undies
Cheeky Underwear for Women | Huha undies
Women's Cheeky Panties | Huha Underwear
Women's Bikini Style Underwear
Women's Cheeky Undies
Cheeky Underwear Sustainable
Women's Breathable Cheeky Underwear
Cheeky Panties | Breathable
Women's Cheeky Panties | Huha
Women's Cheeky Panties


Mineral Cheeky Undies

$29.00 USD


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Imagine underwear that are both good for your body AND make your butt look great. Say hello to our Mineral Cheeky! This body contouring, stay-put underwear doesn't ride up and is perfect for day or nighttime wear while keeping bacteria growth at bay. Out of your size? Shop pre-order Cheeky here.

🌳 Made from super soft, biodegradable cellulose fabrics
🌙 Zinc-infused* liner keeps you fresh all day and all night long⁣
🌈 Reduces exposure to bacteria
🍑 Stays put without suffocating or chafing your sensitive parts
🌿 Full-coverage, dark green lining is free of uncomfortable seams (Industrial Design Pending)
🇨🇦🇺🇸 Includes shipping to US and Canada

Warning: *not suitable for those with an allergy or sensitivity to Zinc Oxide

Our natural and Zinc-infused* fibers come from Beech and Eucalyptus trees, and are therefore more sensitive to being damaged by tumble drying. Please wash your Huhas on a cold gentle cycle with like colors and hang or lay flat to dry (if you can). 

We recommend washing with the Perfect Wash Bundle.

🌙 Shell: 90% TENCEL™ Modal Micro, 10% Spandex
🌙 Lining: 98% TENCEL™ Lyocell with pharmaceutical grade Zinc Oxide, 2% Spandex

Warning: *not suitable for those with an allergy or sensitivity to Zinc


Mineral Undies Benefits

🌙 Infused with Zinc

The first antibacterial natural fiber with the active ingredient zinc oxide

🌳 Breathable Cellulose Fabrics

We work with cellulose fabrics that come from trees, making them breathable, soft, and sustainable

Toothbrush product

🌈 Chafe and Squeeze-Free

Our seams are specifically constructed with your sensitive parts in mind, meaning no more chafing or muffin tops

🍑 Full Coverage Lining

Full coverage lining actually covers all the necessities down there (Industrial Design Pending)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 530 reviews
The most adult thing I've ever done ...

... is invest in underwear. These are a game changer. I used to think I still wore a size L, like I did all through high school and my 20s, so I guess the second most adult thing I've ever done is measured myself for the correct sized underwear. These underwear cover everything they're supposed to, they are comfortable, they breathe amazingly, they wick away moisture, they aren't tight around my legs, and they don't ride up or down under pants (which is a serious problem with those 100% synthetic no-line sports underwear if you're not wearing athletic tights).

Anyway, moral of the story is I got a 6-pack (haven't even finished wearing all 6 since they arrived), plus a mineral mask and a wash bag, and today I ordered another 6-pack of the brief style, and a 6-pack of the masks, and 3 more wash bags. Put that together with the Tushy bidet I just installed (I am never going back), and I have finally achieved adulthood. I mean, I might be eating Kraft dinner for a couple weeks to recoup my investment, but they're worth it. Absolutely worth it.

Your Huha Will Thank You

These are amazing undies. If you're on the fence here's your sign to go ahead! I'm someone who could only wear cotton underwear. Even with cotton I would get the occasional yeast infection flare up a few times a year, super annoying! Polyester panties and work-out leggings are no go for me. A breeding ground for bacteria that makes my 'huha' unhappy. These underwear are a godsend! Not only are they so soft, but clearly made with women in mind. The wide band means I'm never fiddling with the waist from rolling over. And the gusset! The gusset! Finally someone who knows that 1/2 an inch of material is not enough to keep all the bits in! Besides the fact that I never get yeast infections anymore, this may be my favourite part. So comfortable and so thoughtful!
Size-wise I think they run a bit large, IMO. Based on the size chart I ordered a 2XL and found the waist a bit loose on me. Still wearable, but I am definitely a size XL. My next order was an XL and those fit perfectly. For reference my waist is 35 inches and my hips (measured around my widest part) are 49 inches.
If you're worried about sizing follow the seller's guide for trying on/sizing.

Heroic underwear

Truly all day comfort. I have moderate-severe chronic eczema and often have irritation from even 100% organic cotton underwear- but these don’t irritate me and may even promote healing

Softest undies ever 🤍

I really love the softness of this undies! And I love how fresh my skin feels all the time !
5 ⭐️ For sure!!

Best ever!!!

These underwear are so amazing so well made and unbelievable comfortable! After having my son all my underwear where so uncomfortable and most had a seam right where my c section scar is. These where the best so comfortable yet not ugly would give it 109 ⭐️If I could 💕💕💕