Huha Body Project FAQ

Can I make changes to my order after it has been placed? 

Yes, until August 31st. If, for any reason, you wish to make changes to your order, this will only be possible until the project closes.

After August 31st, 2023, the order will be added to a pre-order list whereby we cannot make any changes until your order is shipped and delivered to you, which is predicted to be in January 2024.

Once your order has been shipped and delivered normal Huha Return Policy will apply. 

How do I make changes to my Bodysuit order before August 31st? 

All changes, which include any address changes, size changes, or cancellations, should be emailed to with your order number and any relevant changes. 

How do I make changes to my order after August 31st? 

We cannot guarantee any changes will be able to be made to order after August 31st. If an order is deemed not changeable, it will ultimately be canceled, and a full refund will be provided within 3-5 days after confirmation. If, at that time, you wish to reorder, your initial crowdfunding discount will not apply.

What does a pre-order mean for the Body Project

A pre-order means the order will not ship until it is ready, which in the case of the Body Project, won’t be until January 2024. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a status update email and a tracking number. 

What happens if I order another item alongside the Bodysuit in the same order? 

If you order another item(s) alongside the Bodysuit, your in-stock items will ship out as normal as soon as possible, while your Bodysuit order will be spilt into a separate order that will be fulfilled when it comes in stock in January 2024,

How many can I order? 

There is no limit on how many Huha Bodysuits can be ordered. 

Does the bodysuit come with any spare gussets?

Yes, the Huha Bodysuit comes with two interchangeable gussets, which allows for easy multi wears. 

Are both gussets the same? 

Yes, both gussets are the same and mirror the design of the Huha Original Thong.

What size should I go for? 

The Huha Bodysuit is based on the same design as the Huha Sporty Tank and the Original Thong; these measurements should be taken into consideration when ordering, please see our size chart for details.

Alternatively, you can reach out to us by email at with your hip, waist, under-band and over-band measurements and we will reply to you as soon as possible. 

Does it contain the same zinc-infused lining that we are used to? 

While the top part of the Huha Bodysuit does not have the same lining as the Sporty Tank, you will still find our full zinc-infused lining on the gusset part of the undies.

What are the care guidelines for the bodysuit? 

Our natural and zinc-infused* fibers come from Beech and Eucalyptus trees, and are therefore more sensitive to being damaged by tumble drying. Please wash your Huha's on a cold gentle cycle with like colors then hang or lay flat to dry (if you can). 


What happens if the project goal isn't reached? 

If we don't successfully reach our project goal during the specified timeframe, the project will not successfully complete and orders will be refunded.


Is there enough hip coverage/length? 

Yes, we've ensured enough length/hip coverage to allow you to wear the Bodysuit with lower rise pants. 

What charity are we partnering with for the Huha Body Project

5% of every order is being donated to the SeekHer Foundation. This foundation raises awareness of the social issues impacting women's mental health and amplifying funding support for local leaders who are bridging those gaps in their communities.