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Warning: *not suitable for those with an allergy or sensitivity to Zinc

Why Zinc?

Natural antibacterial that targets infection & odor causing bacterial strains

Increase absorption to wick moisture away from the skin faster

Soothes inflammation and regenerates the skin of your sensitive areas

Our Zinc infused fibers:

Help reduce the risk of vaginal infection by reducing infection-causing bacteria surrounding your sensitive area

Help reduce odor by protecting against odor-causing bacteria

Protect your undies against the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi

Women's undies should promote vaginal health, right?

Most women’s underwear are made from synthetics like Nylon and Polyester that trap moisture and create the perfect environment for bad bacteria strains to grow.

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Our undies are infused with Zinc, Mother Nature's healing mineral

Natural element, Zinc, promotes a healthy vaginal pH balance and keeps odor and infection causing bacteria from growing in your undies.

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