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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale Guide!

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale Guide!

To be the FIRST to hear about these discounts before we launch to the public, we highly suggest you sign up for our Early Access List here.

Our highly anticipated and BIGGEST SALE of the YEAR is finally here and we guarantee it will not disappoint! 

This year, we're going live with our Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale EARLIER than ever before! Get ready for a week long sale with incredible discounts.

To help you prepare and get everything you wish for, our Customer Care team has shared some important tips, tricks, and common mistakes to watch out for when shopping our sale.  

Sale Guide Main Points: 

    • Fill your cart before as stock is limited and will go FAST
    • Not in a rush? Select our free shipping option 'I CAN WAIT' at checkout if you are located in North America
    • All sales will be FINAL sale⁠
    • Update your payment details and address on Apple Pay 
    • Buying for someone else? Make sure you know their sizes as this is a great time to buy Holiday presents!

For All Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale FAQs, please refer to this page

Common Mistakes

Some ordering problems that can often occur are mistakenly ordering the wrong size, commonly ordering the 2XS:

  • Double check your cart before purchase
  • Order cancellations – there are no guarantees that we can cancel your order before it hits our warehouse, therefore cancellations are not guaranteed. Make sure your order details and address are correct, including the unit and buzzer number. 
  • FINAL Sale - No exchanges or refunds will be given to any orders placed during the sale.

    Order Cancellations due to an error

    Whilst we can't stress enough the importance of double (or triple) checking your order before checking out, we understand mistakes can happen. If you make a mistake, do not reach out to us to change your order.

    Instead, please replace your order and send an email to  our Customer Care team at with CANCEL - ORDER #[ORDER NUMBER] and we will cancel/refund your mistake order. 

    Please note, that there are no guarantees that we will be able to cancel your order before it hits our warehouse. For this reason, we must stress again the importance of double-checking your order before proceeding to checkout.

    Our Customer Care team are here to help!

    Any questions or inquiries? Please contact our Customer Care team at and they will get back to you as soon as they can! 

    This is our biggest sale event of the entire year and we cannot wait for it to go live!

    Make sure to stock your cart before the sale goes live on Wednesday November 22nd at 9:00 am PT and 12 pm ET! 


    On behalf of all of us at Huha, happy shopping! 

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