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Breast Cancer Awareness: Meet Devin

Breast Cancer Awareness: Meet Devin

"Losing parts of yourself to cancer — whether your breast(s), your hair, your fertility — doesn’t mean you lose yourself."

Meet Devin, a member of our Huha community.

Devin reached out to Huha on Instagram, originally to share how Huha Mineral Undies were helping her UTI'S and yeast infections - caused by her chemotherapy treatment for her breast cancer. 

Meet Devon: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

From having a conversation with her, it was easy to tell that this is an inspiring and very strong person. She was open to sharing her story and pictures, because in her words 'I’ve found it both empowering and helpful to see other women embracing their reality'.

Reading Devin's story, and her advice for others is a reminder that something beautiful can always be taken from the difficult challenges and experiences life brings. We hope you can take something with you from her story. 

Tell us your story with breast cancer

In March of this year I discovered a lump. I’m 37 so I hadn’t had a mammogram yet. When I spoke with the doctor she chalked it up to my cycle and sent me on my way. In July, it had gotten bigger so I went back and was sent for the numerous tests that confirmed the lump was breast cancer. Since then, I’ve gotten a double mastectomy and struggled with a UTI that just won’t go away. I am also about to start chemo followed by anti-estrogen drugs (essential when your cancer is estrogen positive). I’m still in the thick of it all. Most days I’m optimistic but each day I grieve the loss of the things I lost/will lose that have been part of my female identity. What keeps me sane is taking life one day at a time and doing little things that make me feel feminine like putting on make up, wearing cute underwear, and trying to help other women. (I’m also 4 years sober, so all that life experience has given me the strength to push through!

What advice would you give to other people going through breast cancer

You are still you. Losing parts of yourself to cancer — whether your breast(s), your hair, your fertility — doesn’t mean you lose yourself. You are still that beautiful person you were before you found out - and, as an added bonus, you are now, and forever will be, stronger for having had cancer!

Devon reading with her dog


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