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Coming Soon: The Long Boxer

Coming Soon: The Long Boxer

This is one you aren't going to want to miss: the launch of our next style, the Long Boxer. If you've tried our regular Boxer, then you know what kind of comfort you might be expecting, albeit in a longer and perhaps more versatile form with this one.

Save your Seat: The Long Boxer Launch

We're making this one fun because we have ordered very limited quantities for this launch.

All purchases on Cyber Monday, Nov 28th, will be given very first access to this exclusive launch. Save your seat by making a purchase today. You will be notified first in the next month when this new style drops, and you'll be given first dibs to get the size and color (available in black and grey) of your choosing. 

Style Comparison: Boxer vs. Long Boxer

So, aside from the length – which reaches to about mid-thigh in the Long Boxer – what's the difference between the regular Boxer and this one? 

Rise: While the Boxer is designed to be worn as a mid or high rise, the Long Boxer is an exclusive high-rise style. When fitting yourself, consider both your waist and your hip measurement. 

Coverage: The Boxer is a 'full' coverage with a sneaky peak of the bum, since it doesn't provide much coverage down the leg. Many of you asked for more coverage down the leg, so you can expect a total and complete full coverage style in the Long Boxer!

Gusset Design: One of the very special parts of the Long Boxer is the gusset design. In most boxers of this coverage and style, the gusset seam rests directly in the middle of where your most sensitive area resides. Which is... ouch! We reimagined this design and successfully brought the gusset seam forward about two inches to give your 'huha' space to breathe and move. This provides you with seam-free comfort and great zinc-lining gusset coverage.

Oh, the Versatility

The best part of the Long Boxer is the many ways you can wear it! As the founder, I'm a big part of our wear-testing and it has to pass by me to make it you – which I like to think is a pretty high bar.

I've been wearing my Long Boxer to:

  • Sleep in
  • Lounge around the house in
  • Work out/do yoga in
  • Wear to work to do inventory counts
  • Wear out and about to run errand (with an oversized tee)

Because the Long Boxer is double-lined, I felt comfortable enough to do all of the above without another pair of underwear underneath. Sooo comfy! I hope you will find the same.

Not planning on making a purchase on Cyber Monday? No worries, you can sign up for second dibs here.

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