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Fully Covered! Meet the New Mineral Boxer

The Mineral Boxer - Model (Left) in Size Small, (Right) in Size 2XL

Meet the Mineral Boxer

We listened to your feedback from our high rise brief and designed our latest Mineral Undie, the Boxer.     
Before we began creating the Mineral Boxer, we tested the idea with you first and asked whether you would prefer it in the regular or Lite collection. 51.9% voted the Lite, and 48.1% voted regular, so to ensure we don't disappoint anyone, we are bringing the Boxer into BOTH collections!
Would you rather the Mineral Boxer in the regular or the Lite collection?
Whether you want them for lounging around the house, as a new addition to your PJ drawer, or for some extra support when you really need it - this incredibly comfortable undie is made for versatility and most importantly - COMFORT.

The Boxer vs The Brief

The Mineral Boxer is made from the same super soft material you all love, but with a low-to-mid rise and a little more coverage around the bum and leg! Whereas the Brief is a mid-to-high rise with less coverage on the bum and none on the legs.
Another key difference is the two front seams that run up the front of the Brief, which are not featured on the Boxer as it comes further down the legs. It also provides a more 'seamless' look for under clothes and helps to prevent them from riding up. 

Sizing recommendations

The Boxer sizing is determined by hip measurement and we recommend you go for your usual size. The Brief sizing is determined by waist measurements.
Model wears the Mineral Boxer in Size Peach (S) Model wears the Mineral Boxer in Size Plum (XS)
Boxer (Left), Brief (Right)

Additional design features you can expect:

  • A soft, elasticated waistband that doesn't roll down or create muffin tops
  • A specially constructed gusset area - most boxer designs require a seam directly in the 'huha' region which can make them quite uncomfortable. Ours features no interfering seams and a gusset that extends from above the pubic region back to mid bum!

About the Launch

The Mineral Boxers are launching to select groups of customers between May 10th and May 11th. For earliest access, we recommend getting on our SMS or Early Access List. Otherwise, come back May 12th and the collection will be public here! 
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Model in Grey Mineral Boxer, Size Papaya (XL)    Grey Mineral Boxer, Size Papaya (XL)
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