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International Women's Day : How to Support

International Women's Day : How to Support

International Women's Day

March 8th to some people is just another date on the calendar. March 8th to people that celebrate International Women's Day is a day of reflection, hope and gratitude. For team Huha March 8th 2023 feels like all three. 

How to support

If you are anything like us, it is sometimes hard to know how to show your support.

We did the work for you and came up with ways we think you can support women in business on International Women's Day and every day:

  • Leave a review; leaving positive reviews is a free and simple way to support. 

  • Spread the word; use your voice to talk about women-owned brands you love on your social media or to your friends and family. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to spread awareness about a brand.
  • Spread the love; simply liking, commenting, and sharing a post on social media is one of the quickest ways to show you care, and it is free! Follow us: Instagram and TikTok!
  • Show up, is your favorite brand doing an in-store event? Go visit; if the brand is an e-commerce brand in particular, there is nothing more we enjoy than seeing you in person! 
  • Shop small instead of reaching for bigger brands while shopping. Consider shopping from a small brand, for a smaller brand every order no matter how big or small helps.  Shop Huha.

This International Women's day consider supporting women-run businesses. 

Help us support the cause

If you're shopping Huha on International Women's Day, choose LiveGirl at checkout - a non-profit organization that serves girls grades 5 through college in free innovative leadership development and mentoring programs. ⁠

We are boosting donations to LiveGirl by x10 the impact!

Shop Huha here and help us support the cause!

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