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Mamas for Mamas

Mamas for Mamas

This month, we want to raise awareness around every form of motherhood and support where we can. 

Some of the topics we want to talk about our tough, from miscarriage and child loss, to adoption, fostering, pregnancy and postpartum. 

From the women on our team to the customers that we get a chance to talk to regularly, we know that motherhood isn't always what it seems. And we know that some forms of motherhood and caregiving are not discussed nearly enough. 

1% to Mamas for Mamas

This month we are proud to partner with Mamas for Mamas, a specialized poverty relief agency and an all inclusive community for mothers and caregivers. ⁠

Mama's for Mama's welcome caregivers of any gender identity or expression, including men, trans*, non-binary, and two-spirit clients. They envision a future where no mama or child is left behind. ⁠

Increase Donation at Checkout

If you'd like, you can opt to increase your donation at checkout, using the tip option, which will go straight to Mamas for Mamas. 

Thank you for your support this month! Follow us on Instagram where we will be sharing content and personal stories around all forms of motherhood. 

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