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It's Official: The String Collection is Coming!

It's Official: The String Collection is Coming!

Sexy just became A LOT comfier

It's official!

The limited edition String Thong + String Bikini styles will be launching first to our VIP community, then to the general public this Thursday, February 1st at 9:00 am PST.

Sign up for early access here.

 Black Mineral String Thong


Redefining Sexy 

At Huha, we don't sacrifice sexy for comfort - we can have the best of both worlds, baby! 

String styles often get a bad rep for feeling itchy or irritating. Or being in a scenario where you find yourself picking out front wedgies due to ill-fitting designs with narrow gussets. 

That's really not our style.

We're bringing you string undies without the bad rep. Our skimpiest (& sexiest) styles yet, with enough coverage and support to keep you comfortable. 

Complete with our signature zinc-oxide-infused gussets, your hoo-ha will be feeling happier and sexier!   

 Close up of String Thong on 2 models


The String Bikini and String Thong are a sexy twist of our bestselling styles - the Low-Profile Thong and the Bikini. Not only do they look (& feel) great, but they offer a more seamless look under clothing with less bulk or lines.

These two new styles have all the same hoo-ha loving features as the rest of the Mineral Undie Collection. Including:

  • Extra-wide gusset
  • Zinc-infused smartcel™ lining
  • Buttery soft TENCEL™ fabric made from tree-derived materials

The Collection Colors

The String Collection will come in Black and Beige. 

Shop in Pairs

The String Styles will only be available to shop in bundles of two of the same size, style and color. 

    The Mineral String Bikini and Thong

    Want VIP Access?

    Make sure to sign up for first access to this highly anticipated launch HERE in order to shop before everyone else.

    Or better yet, sign up to our SMS list and never miss early access to a product launch or sale again!

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