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The Huha Long Boxer: The Rundown

Long Boxer on two women

The Huha Long Boxer

The Huha Long Boxer is launching January 17th in black and grey!

Get ready for a brand new, vulva-loving, boxer style, made with the same sustainable fibres and minerals as the rest of the Mineral Undie collection.

Why a long boxer?

We received a lot of requests from our community to make a longer, higher rise version of the Huha Boxer, and as a company that highly values customer feedback, we just had to make it happen.

The Long Boxer signifies a new chapter for Huha, as it is our first innie/outie style - meaning you can wear it as both underwear and outerwear!

Are we about to take over your loungewear collection?!


The Long Boxer is made from award-winning, sustainably tree-derived TENCEL  fibres. Featuring a specially designed gusset, the first of its kind for a boxer style, that ensures no uncomfortable centre seam is riding up your hoo-ha - ouch!

Designed for all body shapes and sizes and featuring our signature zinc-infused lining, to keep you fresh down there all day long.

And finally, they pass the squat test: this style is double-lined so no butt cracks or cheeks will be on show. When we say full-coverage, we mean it!

The Long Boxer has adjusted seams for ultimate comfort.      The Huha Long Boxer is a high-rise style and double-lined for full, complete coverage

How do they fit?

The Huha Long Boxer is high-rise style, with a waistband similar to the Boxer, but slightly tighter to fit your waist and to help prevent any shifting or rolling down. They hug you in all the right places, without feeling too restrictive. We are all about comfort here at Huha!

They fit snug on the legs but are stretchy enough to mould to different leg sizes. This ensures that the seams aren't cutting or causing discomfort around the seam area (which can be an issue with many other boxer styles - just not ours).

Fit recommendations

Compared to our other styles, this one isn't as straight forward when determining your size.

With most of our undie styles, you either take into consider your waist OR hip measurement.

With The Long Boxer, you should take into consideration both your waist and hip measurements. If you are in between sizes, we recommend you size up.

Check out our size guide here.

As always, if you are still unsure of what size to select, contact our Customer Service team who are always on hand to assist with fit -

How to wear it

The Huha Long Boxer is the perfect style to wear:

  • under clothes as undies, for extra warmth during the winter months
  • under a baggy tee
  • exercising - they're great for cycling, hiking, the gym and yoga!
  • under skirts or dresses in the summertime—peace of mind for any windy days, we've all been there!

You can wear undies underneath the Long Boxer if this is more your comfort level however, we recommend going commando! The breathability down there is really improved by letting those labia breathe freely - plus it feels better!

The Long Boxer makes a great bike short!

The Launch

The Long boxer will begin launching January 16th at 9am PST to those who purchased from us on Cyber Monday.

VIP/Early Access will get access later that day!

Public launch will be on January 17th at 9am PST.


Otherwise, you can come back here Tuesday, January 17th to shop the Long Boxer.


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