Healthy undies

Our huha-loving underwear feature a seam-free gusset infused with soothing zinc oxide. Zinc oxide possesses antibacterial and odor-reducing properties to help stop unwanted odour caused by bacteria

Sensitive Design
Unfavorable for Bacteria Growth
Protected with Minerals

Good for you and the planet

Our breathable underwear are made from super soft tree-derived fabrics, TENCEL™ Lyocell and TENCEL™ Modal x Micro. These award-winning fibers are derived from sustainably managed forests and/or made from FSC certified wood.

Botanic Origins
Soothing + Skin Friendly
Super Soft Comfort

A new standard in intimates

Your comfort is our top priority. We steer clear of synthetics, and work only with fabrics that breathe, soothe, and keep you feeling cool. In fact, TENCEL™ Lyocell cellulose fibers absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton.

Feels Cool + Dry
Soft Seams + Threads
Inclusive for Every Body

Designed from the inside, out

When we design our undies, we think of your comfort first. That's why we always opt for more advanced construction techniques that keep raw edges and seams away from your most sensitive regions.

Explore the insides of our styles below and say hello to our unique full-coverage liners (Industrial Design Pending).

Low Profile Thong



High-Rise Brief

Low Profile Thong

Mineral Undies

The Low Profile Thong is the latest addition to the mineral undies family. As a spin-off design from our original Thong, the Low Profile Thong is more body-contouring and stay-put for active lifestyles while ensuring less VPL.

The LP Thong features a zig zag trim and double-sided construction with a full-coverage liner that covers front and back.


Mineral Undies

The Thong was our first creation in the Mineral Undies family and one of our bestsellers. The goal during product development was to create a thong that was actually comfortable. We know, not an easy task!

But we achieved this through technical stitches with super soft seams, no exposed elastic, and a full coverage liner that covers front and back.

Many customers say it's the most comfortable thong they've ever worn.


Mineral Undies

The Cheeky was our second style when we launched the Mineral Undies family. An alternative to a standard bikini cut, the Cheeky is 'cheekier' and promises to flatter your bum like no other!

The Cheeky features a full coverage lining that extends up to the waistband to ensure there are no uncomfortable gusset seams, and super soft stitches for anti-chafe.

High-Rise Brief

Mineral Undies

The High-Rise Brief was our third addition to the our Mineral Undies collection and our first high-rise style. And wow, has it taken off!

The Brief features a full coverage liner that extends up to the waistband, a flattering almost full bum cut, and super soft seams.

Many customers say it's the most comfortable pair of undies in their top drawer.


The origins of better undies

Through turning standards on their head, from design to materials, Huha has found its unique place in the market.

It's a place that steers away from synthetics and towards designs and materials that are better.

To create underwear that care for you, down there.


The Huha Community's Impact

1% of every Huha purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
Check out the impact the Huha community is making below.