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An embarrassing 5 stars

This is very embarrassing but this underwear is SO comfortable that I somehow wore it sideways for the entire day and didn’t notice until I changed into my pyjamas at the end of the day 🤦🏻‍♀️ If that doesn’t speak to the quality of this underwear, I don’t know what will ! I’m currently working on replacing my entire underwear drawer with these 🤩

Mineral Thong Undies
Jordan Pagnello
So comfy!

I wanted to give these a few weeks to test them out, and so far these are the comfiest undies I’ve owned! I got the thong, cheeky and brief and they are all so breathable, they don’t dig in or chafe and the quality is holding up. They’re also not bulky! So cozy and truly feel like a luxury on my body.

I'm a believer now

I first bought a 3 pack of the Cheeky and was SO disappointed with them and how they fit me - unflattering and uncomfortable. After a lot of deliberation I finally decided to give Huha another chance and try the briefs, and WOW am I ever glad I did! This style is the one for me! They are so incredibly comfortable and flattering, I just ordered more. Very glad I gave another style a try... cause you never know! I'm also super appreciative that they introduced the mixed bundles, now I can also give the thong a try without commiting to another 3 pairs!

So grateful for these undies I could cry!

These are the first pair of underwear that I can wear allllll day long and not feel uncomfortable/sweaty/needing a shower down there etc. They are so breathable (you can't even feel them), they stay fresh all day long, the fit is awesome and they don't move around or pinch or anything... they just WORK!
I have been dealing with re-occurring yeast infections and BV for a year now (first time in my life I have had these issues) and these were the cure. I can't even begin to explain the pain I have experienced this year and no doctor could fix me... but these undies did the trick! I started with a three pack of the thongs, then bought the cheeky and the briefs and now have 12 pairs of varying styles that I LOVE to wear. I have since thrown out all my other underwear.

Another note, I am an avid backpacker and often spend multiple nights in the backcountry without access to a bathroom or shower etc. I had to stop all that over of the last year because of my "situation" down there. Since I purchased my huha undies, I have been able to get back to my passion and enjoy the backcountry again. I can wear these undies for multiple days and be totally fine and fresh. They are a life saver and I am so grateful that this company exists.

Thank you Alexa and your team for making these wonderful undies! My huha and I are forever grateful!

Where were you all this time perfect underwear????

This is the underwear that I needed! Seriously, I was a bit skeptical at first and I wasn't convince to spend that amount of money on underwear. After the first day of wearing the Minerals Cheeky undie was blown away! I couldn't believe that there was no smell at all!! During this day, I did exercise! Also, there are very comfortable and soft. The biggest surprise for me about theses underwear was that it does help with my skin problems down there! So, after ordering a pack of 3 to start, I went back and ordered the bundle of 6!!! I strongly recommend!!!! :)

A dream come true!

I can’t stand undies—they pinch, they ride up, they wedge in places they shouldn’t. I’m over the moon to say that after having gone commando for the past couple of decades, Huha has converted me! From the first moment I slipped my briefs on, it was pure bliss and it has been ever since! I never imagined this kind of comfort was possible. Do your huha a favour and order these gems, you won’t regret it. I’m in love ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Mineral Thong Undies
Sophia Ahmadi Sagheb
Vag PJs

Oh my! These are so comfy! My privates have never felt so comfortable in a pair of undies like these! I originally ordered size Small but after watching Huhas size chart videos I quickly emailed them for a size Medium! Thanks for the quick response and turn around! 100% recommend! I’ve told all my girlfriends they need these!!!!!!!

Mineral Cheeky Undies
Sophia Ahmadi Sagheb
VAG PJs! 😍

Oh my! These are so comfy! My privates have never felt so comfortable in a pair of undies like these! I originally ordered size Small but after watching Huhas size chart videos I quickly emailed them for a size Medium! Thanks for the quick response and turn around! 100% recommend! I’ve told all my girlfriends they need these!!!!!!!


Wonderful underwear but incredibly overpriced. I find it to be quite sexist actually. Have you ever seen men’s underwear priced so absurdly high? A 9-pack for $170? My man buys a 9-pack for $17. Clothing stores over price women’s clothes on purpose because they know we will pay for it. These are very nice but nowhere near worth what they want to charge them. My opinion.

Like them, but I like my OGs even more

I love huha and could not imagine my life without them now ! However, I would recommend the original colours because the fabric is thicker. The purple ones feel less "luxe" because they are thinner but they are very soft. I like having the option of a lighter version of the fabric but definitely if there are more colours in the future (which I hope) i also hope it will be with the original fabric. The purple ones run a little bigger too.. I don't know if it is because they are more stretchy or if the fabric is just of a lesser quality. Last thing, is kind of weird but with the original's thicker fabric offers a good coverage (aka no form fitting of your huha if you know what I mean) but with this thinner fabric you can sometimes see things you don't really want to show. SO I like them, but would rather buy the originals again instead of the thinner fabric! be aware that they are not totally the same if you buy the purple ! (I bought M thongs and briefs which are the same as my usual huhaunderwear)

Mineral Brief Undies
Alexandra Bichler
The Miracle Undies!

I cannot tell you how much I love these undies! They are an absolute God-send. I have a medical condition that causes me to produce an extraordinary amount of vaginal discharge, so I’ve always needed to wear pads of some sort in order to feel dry, even in-between my period. I decided to try these briefs on a whim via an Instagram add, and I tell you - I don’t feel wet! I don’t even have to wear pads anymore - the undies wick away all of the excess moisture that my body produces. And that’s after a grueling 13-hour stretch at work to boot. Even with all the running around that I do, it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing underwear at all - no more chaffing, no more tugging and pulling, no more infections! All the other undies I’ve owned have gone right into the trash! I only wish they had more available. Please restock soon!
Of note, I am 5’2”, weigh 120lbs, and ordered a size S in the briefs - they fit perfectly!

Why didn't I buy these sooner?!?!?

When I got an email that gave me early access to the limited edition color, I decided to place an order. I'm the kind of gal who likes fancy matching bras and panties (and I have A LOT), but those kind of panties aren't the most comfortable things to wear, especially on days like today when there is a heatwave going on. These thongs aren't sticky or sweaty, and they don't pinch, ride up, or...smell after a day of wearing them outside in 90° weather. I'm always concerned about sizing, but I followed the size chart and ordered what size I am in most brands (small). They are perfect. Nothing cuts in or rubs skin. I can't wait for beige and grey to come back in stock so I can try some other styles too!

High Waist Sexiness, Full Coverage Comfy

I've been a fan of Huha since the pre-launch of their first two styles of amazing underwear. Their undies are seriously a game changer and I've been replacing my Calvins with Huhas. The Brief is my latest favourite. I'm such a fan of the heigh waist and the full coverage is super comfortable, and what's great is that it doesn't show a panty line like a regular cut; so on the days I don't feel like wearing a thong, I grab these and feel sexy + confident. Perfect for jeans, sweatpants, dresses, and also just great to lounge around in!

Mineral Thong Undies
Addison Bird
Life changing!

You will love these! I have been hating my underwear for years. Thank you Huha! Just ordered my second 3 pack. So comfortable! So healthy for your body and so flattering! I now intend to replace all my undies with huha!


I now have the black and purple thongs (3 pack) and they are amazing. They are the only underwear I will be buying moving forward!


I ordered my first 3-pack of (black) briefs a few months ago, and found that I was doing a lot more laundry than normal so I could wear them more often. :) I've found that they hold their shape and elastic quite well even after plenty of washes (in cold water; hung to dry). Naturally, I ordered a 3-pack of grey and I love them just as much, and then almost immediately ordered the purple. Somehow, the purple fabric is EVEN SOFTER?! These briefs are high rise, cover my bum just how I like, and do very little bunching up. I get excited to put on fresh undies when it is a pair of these!

Love these!

I pre-ordered the thong and have since ordered more. Great quality, good fit. Love them.

Best Underwear

I’ve been searching for the perfect thong and have bought MANY pairs over the last two years. These are the BEST underwear. They are comfortable, breathe and wash well. I have purchased multiple pairs. I recently added the cheeky and brief to my collection to sleep in. I prefer the brief for sleeping, but the cheeky is good too. So comfortable.

If you’ve been thinking of buying these, do it, you will not regret it.

Most comfy undies ever!

I had to wait until they sold singles before I could try a pair because they aren’t cheap. I got a thong and a cheeky. I literally forgot I had the thong on because it was so comfortable — I realized that I was wearing a thong when I bent over in my Zoom dance class. 🙊🙈 Luckily the group didn’t mind the cheeky extra they got with my dance!! I’m ordering more. Will be tossing out all my cotton undies. Comfortable and an investment in my vaginal health.

Mineral Brief Undies
Amy Zacharias
I'm Obsessed

I took a chance and ordered a three pack of the cheeky underwear. As soon as i tried on my first pair, i immediately ordered the thongs and brief's. I was a little hesitant about the brief's because sometimes brief style underwear can feel too much like shorts. But these brief's are different. They're perfect. They're amazing. I'm actually sad when i don't have any clean Huha underwear in my drawer. Not only do these underwear fit well and are super soft, but i actually feel like my huha is happier.

Mineral Cheeky Undies
Amanda Stewart
My HuHa has never been happier!

I’ve had to wear panty liners for as long as I can remember. Wearing huha underwear I feel fresh all day long. I ordered 3 pairs and immediately order another 3 pairs! Most amazing underwear I’ve ever owned!

Ridiculously comfy!

They feel like quality and are ridiculously comfy! 10/10 recommend.

The only underwear I’ll ever wear again!

Your Huha will thank you for wearing these! I now have 6 pairs of cheeky and 3 thongs and they are the only underwear I will wear.

The natural fibres allows my vagina to breathe, as well as have less sweat and odour. Both styles I have are also super comfortable both overall and at the waist.

I also love the undies wash and wash bag. They come out smelling amazing every time.

I’ve gotten 3 friends to switch to Huha and many others are waiting for their orders!

Love supporting this woman run small business that is Canadian and size inclusive!

Buy These Immediately!!

Seriously, you deserve these undies! I am so in love with them. They are incredibly soft, have such a flattering fit, and keep you fresh all day! I will definitely be returning to buy more! Bottom (no pun intended) line, BUY THESE! Your body will thank you!

Beyond Amazing!

I got the purple version of these by accident when I ordered the briefs and customer service was BEYOND helpful to make sure I get the briefs as well. I actually fell in love with these too! I usually don't go for cheeky cut because they constantly give me wedgies but these really do stay put. They're such a flattering cut and color. Not to mention the SOFTNESS. They are so comfortable, I want to replace all of my undies with Huha!! Thank you so much for my undies! <3