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I love these undies! They are so soft and comfy! I need more!!!


My friend recommended Huha to me and I’ve been putting off writing a review because i wanted it to be as honest as possible. I sized down (totally on me!) on a previous order and waited until the presale prior to the restock to reorder. And after a week of wearing these babies- WAW! I’m in love!! I have thrown out all my old undies and plan to restock my collection of huha’s! I don’t have enough good things to say about my huha’s!

Material- super duper soft you don’t even feel like you’re wearing underwear!!! Under-where?? My huha’s actually cover and protect my huha and all my lady parts! No chaffing and the band fits comfortably without squeezing my tummy and bladder (you know what I mean).

Style- I ordered all three styles; Cheeky, Thong & Briefs. I initially thought that I’d gravitate towards Cheeky but let me say, I’ve boosted my confidence and sexiness wearing THE THONG! It’s my go to! Briefs are my best friend while lounging around the house (they dupe as boy shorts for me, yay!) and during bedtime.

Huha just gets it. It’s made for women by women (I can tell!) and I can appreciate the love and care put into these underwear. Vaginal health is overlooked too often and Huha has really transformed and boosted my confidence overall.

No irritation. No odour. A dry happy Huha throughout the busiest of days. What more can I ask for! I’ve recommended this to all the women in my life including my teen nieces, we deserve to pay it forward to the young women in our lives. I wish I found these sooner!! Thank you!! Xx

Worth The Wait

Considering that it was a 2month pre-order waiting period with a tiny hiccup in communication at the start, it was quickly remedied & I’m so glad I invested in theses undies and this women owned/run local small business.

They’re super soft and so comfortable! And I’m obsessed with the quality of their zinc masks.

Alexa and the team went above and beyond by packaging my 3 separate orders together to save on packaging even though their packaging is recyclable/compostable, it was such a pleasant surprise to find that the reminder of my order was all shipped together rather than waiting for all 3 orders to come at different times. Thank you for this amazing product and customer service. 💝

Throwing all my old panties away!

I started off with three briefs because they looked so comfy and I loved the science behind it. Especially with all the bacteria that grows in our underwear. I dropped more money on the presale and added the thongs, cheekies, and more briefs to my collection. Like others, I plan on throwing out all my old panties!

Huhas are so comfy, so cute, and I really don’t want to wear anything else anymore!

Thank you so much ladies! Love that you are women and Canadian owned! ❤️❤️❤️

Best underwear

Finally underwear I love!!


Fits well, feels great. Even just the psycho-somatic affect of knowing I'm wearing something that should help with utis is relieving!

Package not yet received

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on the product, however I haven’t received my package yet.

Most comfortable underwear I've ever worn

The title basically says it all. I get sad when they're all in the laundry bin cause I don't want anything else to touch my vageen. Will be buying more, love that they go up to a 3X and can't wait until they're able to offer more cuts and colours :)

Still haven’t received the items.

The most adult thing I've ever done ...

... is invest in underwear. These are a game changer. I used to think I still wore a size L, like I did all through high school and my 20s, so I guess the second most adult thing I've ever done is measured myself for the correct sized underwear. These underwear cover everything they're supposed to, they are comfortable, they breathe amazingly, they wick away moisture, they aren't tight around my legs, and they don't ride up or down under pants (which is a serious problem with those 100% synthetic no-line sports underwear if you're not wearing athletic tights).

Anyway, moral of the story is I got a 6-pack (haven't even finished wearing all 6 since they arrived), plus a mineral mask and a wash bag, and today I ordered another 6-pack of the brief style, and a 6-pack of the masks, and 3 more wash bags. Put that together with the Tushy bidet I just installed (I am never going back), and I have finally achieved adulthood. I mean, I might be eating Kraft dinner for a couple weeks to recoup my investment, but they're worth it. Absolutely worth it.

Wonderful undies, so comfy!

These underwear are AMAZING. I personally love the height of the high waisted but ordered these as the high waisted don't work with all my clothing and don't regret it for a second. These are seriously amazing, so comfortable and they truly do stay in place. If you're reading this - get huha undies!!!


Very glad someone recommended these. I’ll be purchasing more.

Je les adore!!!

Les Huhas tailles hautes sont là perfections!!!

Soooo good!!

Wasn’t so sure I was going to find them flattering, was expecting to look grannyish but I LOVE them!! Makes the booty pop still too 🙌🏼

💸 Brief Ships on or before May 1st

The best Underoos

I bought the boy shorts and even though I don’t like high waisted, I love them


Purchased size 2XL just in case, as I knew I’d rather a bit big than a bit small, being my first order. I typically buy XL in other brands. I also usually ignore the inches guide on my typical underwear as those do NOT align with my sizing of underwear, but the clothing sizes typically do (ie: I’m an XL to a 2X in clothing depending on the store and 16 if it’s numbered sizing). I LOVE THE WAY THESE FIT! The bum coverage is perfect and I’m a fan of the rise. They actually go right to my bellybutton which I prefer. Will certainly keep them from rolling down in my high waisted leggings or jeans (whenever those become a thing again lol). #lockdownvibes 🤦🏻‍♀️ THANK YOU for creating a great product and for being so interactive with your consumers/aka fans!

Mineral Mask

The best undies

I only want to wear these. So comfy.


These are so comfy and fit amazingly! I am recommending them to all my friends! 😃

Most flattering

These are my new favourite style! I wear Peach (S) in all Huha undies and they fit accurately. I find myself in the briefs most often as they are so versatile; high waisted with the perfect cut at the bum is very flattering. Plus they don’t ride up, so no awkwardly pulling your undies out of places they shouldn’t hide!

Your Huha Will Thank You

These are amazing undies. If you're on the fence here's your sign to go ahead! I'm someone who could only wear cotton underwear. Even with cotton I would get the occasional yeast infection flare up a few times a year, super annoying! Polyester panties and work-out leggings are no go for me. A breeding ground for bacteria that makes my 'huha' unhappy. These underwear are a godsend! Not only are they so soft, but clearly made with women in mind. The wide band means I'm never fiddling with the waist from rolling over. And the gusset! The gusset! Finally someone who knows that 1/2 an inch of material is not enough to keep all the bits in! Besides the fact that I never get yeast infections anymore, this may be my favourite part. So comfortable and so thoughtful!
Size-wise I think they run a bit large, IMO. Based on the size chart I ordered a 2XL and found the waist a bit loose on me. Still wearable, but I am definitely a size XL. My next order was an XL and those fit perfectly. For reference my waist is 35 inches and my hips (measured around my widest part) are 49 inches.
If you're worried about sizing follow the seller's guide for trying on/sizing.

Love them!

These perform as billed. Super soft, super comfortable— lately I’ve noticed other undies feel pinchy and chafe-y in comparison — and fit true to size. I’m a size 4-6 and can wear a small or medium in most brands. I got the medium here for max comfort and I’ve already placed another order. I will say the rise on these is pretty high, higher than some of my high rise pants even. So next time I’m getting a regular rise.

Huha Wash Bag