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Mineral Cheeky Undies

$28.00 USD

Cheeky Underwear for Women | Huha undies
Cheeky Underwear for Women | Huha undies
Women's Cheeky Panties | Huha Underwear
Women's Bikini Style Underwear
Women's Cheeky Undies
Cheeky Underwear Sustainable
Women's Breathable Cheeky Underwear
Cheeky Panties | Breathable
Women's Cheeky Panties | Huha
Women's Cheeky Panties
Mineral Cheeky Undies



Mineral Cheeky Undies

$28.00 USD

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Imagine underwear that are both good for your body AND make your butt look great. Say hello to our Mineral Cheeky! This body contouring, stay-put underwear doesn't ride up and is perfect for day or nighttime wear while keeping bacteria growth at bay. 

🌳 Made from super soft, biodegradable cellulose fabrics
🌙 Zinc-infused* liner keeps you fresh all day and all night long⁣
🌈 Reduces exposure to bacteria
🍑 Stays put without suffocating or chafing your sensitive parts
🌿 Full-coverage, dark green lining is free of uncomfortable seams (Industrial Design Pending)
🇨🇦🇺🇸 Includes shipping to US and Canada

Warning: *not suitable for those with an allergy or sensitivity to Zinc Oxide

Our natural and Zinc-infused* fibers come from Beech and Eucalyptus trees, and are therefore more sensitive to being damaged by tumble drying. Please wash your Huhas on a cold gentle cycle with like colors and hang or lay flat to dry (if you can). 

We recommend washing with the Perfect Wash Bundle.

🌙 Shell: 90% TENCEL™ Modal Micro, 10% Spandex
🌙 Lining: 98% TENCEL™ Lyocell with pharmaceutical grade Zinc Oxide, 2% Spandex

Warning: *not suitable for those with an allergy or sensitivity to Zinc


Industrial Design Pending


Mineral Undies Benefits

🌙 Infused with Zinc

The first antibacterial natural fiber with the active ingredient zinc oxide

🌳 Breathable Cellulose Fabrics

We work with cellulose fabrics that come from trees, making them breathable, soft, and sustainable

Toothbrush product

🌈 Chafe and Squeeze-Free

Our seams are specifically constructed with your sensitive parts in mind, meaning no more chafing or muffin tops

🍑 Full Coverage Lining

Full coverage lining actually covers all the necessities down there (Industrial Design Pending)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 577 reviews
Valerie Jean
Where were you all this time perfect underwear????

This is the underwear that I needed! Seriously, I was a bit skeptical at first and I wasn't convince to spend that amount of money on underwear. After the first day of wearing the Minerals Cheeky undie was blown away! I couldn't believe that there was no smell at all!! During this day, I did exercise! Also, there are very comfortable and soft. The biggest surprise for me about theses underwear was that it does help with my skin problems down there! So, after ordering a pack of 3 to start, I went back and ordered the bundle of 6!!! I strongly recommend!!!! :)

Sophia Ahmadi Sagheb
VAG PJs! 😍

Oh my! These are so comfy! My privates have never felt so comfortable in a pair of undies like these! I originally ordered size Small but after watching Huhas size chart videos I quickly emailed them for a size Medium! Thanks for the quick response and turn around! 100% recommend! I’ve told all my girlfriends they need these!!!!!!!

Sarah M.
Beyond Amazing!

I got the purple version of these by accident when I ordered the briefs and customer service was BEYOND helpful to make sure I get the briefs as well. I actually fell in love with these too! I usually don't go for cheeky cut because they constantly give me wedgies but these really do stay put. They're such a flattering cut and color. Not to mention the SOFTNESS. They are so comfortable, I want to replace all of my undies with Huha!! Thank you so much for my undies! <3

Emmeline Agassini

💸 Cheeky Ships on or before May 1st

cadee h.
Support Women Owned Small Business

So soft and comfy. Love knowing they keep my lady bits healthy. Supporting small business is very important & we gotta stick together as women & those who identify as women in helping each other succeed. Think before you leave a low star review & ask yourself, is it really related to the product itself or did it not just work for me? Make sure to measure yourself & follow their helpful guidelines. Even in real stores you can’t return worn underwear. If it doesn’t fit and you can only return the unworn pairs just consider it a donation to a great business and move on :)