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Delicates Wash Bag

Huha Wash Bag

$13.00 USD

Wash Bag for Delicates and Underwear
Wash Bag for Delicates and Underwear
100% Recycled Wash Bag
Wash Bag for Delicates and Underwear
Wash Bag for Delicates and Underwear

Delicates Wash Bag

Huha Wash Bag

$13.00 USD

One size
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Wash your Huhas in here, gorgeous!⁣

This zipper mesh wash bag will help keep your Huhas separated from the rest of the wash so you can hang them to dry easier. Plus, these wash bags are great for organization while on-the-move and also help cut down on any damaged that can be caused from abrasion in the cycle. Recommend washing with our all-natural Undie Wash soap.

🌙 Huha Wash Bag to keep your delicates safe
🌿 Made of 100% recycled polyester
☁️ Easy-separation for air drying
🙋🏻 Robust zipper with during-wash safety slip
⁣💗 Versatile size measures 9.5 x 12 inches

Mineral Undies Benefits

🌙 Infused with Zinc

The first antibacterial natural fiber with the active ingredient zinc oxide

🌳 Breathable Cellulose Fabrics

We work with cellulose fabrics that come from trees, making them breathable, soft, and sustainable

Toothbrush product

🌈 Chafe and Squeeze-Free

Our seams are specifically constructed with your sensitive parts in mind, meaning no more chafing or muffin tops

🍑 Full Coverage Lining

Full coverage lining actually covers all the necessities down there (Industrial Design Pending)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Huha Wash Bag

So far so good!

It’s now been used a few times and is still in good repair :) seems durable. So far, I’m happy with it!

Wash bag - top quality

The wash bag is top quality and the perfect size for a few pairs of huha undies! You can tell the huha team puts a lot of thought into their products and something as simple as a wash bag is no exception.

Stays closed

I have a few wash bags similar to this one but I really appreciate that this one stays closed. Some of my others open during the wash cycle. There is a little spot to tuck the zipper away which I think is the difference maker.


Perfect for making my new goodies last!