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The Mineral Bikini Cut Undie

The Mineral Bikini Cut Undie

The Mineral Bikini Cut Undie

The Mineral Bikini Cut Undie is coming! Although we might be biased, we think this new style will be the perfect addition to your underwear drawer.

This Limited Edition undie will come in both the Regular and Lite Collection and be available across our entire size range (2XS-3XL). 

The Bikini Style

The Bikini is perfect for period days, lounging in, under (pretty much everything) and although this style isn't an actual bikini, it wouldn't be the first time a customer has wore Huha underwear to the beach!

With minimal, soft seams and breathable, buttery soft fabric - this new style is leading the way for comfortable underwear. 

The Bikini vs The Cheeky

The Bikini is similar to the Cheeky style, but with more butt coverage and a thinner, less restrictive waistband.

As with all our Mineral Undies, the Bikini Cut has Huha's signature zinc-infused lining. Compared to the Cheeky, this lining comes above the pubic area, whereas with the Cheeky, the lining reaches up to the waistband. You can still be sure there are no uncomfortably placed seams, and that you will feel completely supported in the new Bikini cut.

Bikini Underwear The Bikini

Cheeky underwear The Cheeky

By lowering the gusset, there are no front seams that can be seen on our Cheeky and Brief style. This helps us minimize the visibility of seams, a highly requested feature from the Huha community. 

The Cheeky is available now. Shop here.

Sizing recommendations

The Bikini Cut sizing is determined by your hip measurement and we recommend you go with your usual size. 

Access our size chart here or take the 'Find My Fruit Size' quiz here.

Additional design features

Bikini Cut Mineral Undie Bikini Cut Mineral Underwear   

  • Merrow stitch cuffs at waist and legs. This stitching is soft and less visible under clothes.
  • Made of luxuriously soft TENCEL


    Modal x Micro fibres.


  • Lined with TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers that are unfavourable for bacteria growth and protected with smartcel™ sensitive, a functional fiber using pharma graded zinc oxide. Together, these sustainable, soft fibres keep you fresher, longer.

Learn more about the Mineral Undies.

The Launch

The Mineral Bikini Cut Undies are launching to VIP/Early Access on August 15th and to the public August 16th. We recommend getting on our SMS or Early Access List. Otherwise, return on August 16th and you can shop the collection here!

 The Bikini Cut


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