Trying the first seamless sample, from the founder

Trying the first seamless sample, from the founder

The first seamless samples had arrived and the first style I put on was a Seamless Bikini in October, 2023. 

As a founder of an underwear company who truly nerds out on underwear construction, this was a moment I had been waiting for for years. However, I wasn't always convinced that this product was a possibility until more recent times.

When I had them in my hands, before I even tried them on, I knew we were onto something special. 

For a long time it has been our dream to be able to create the best underwear, and although we believe and stand by our Mineral Undies, we also know that having the versatility to go completely VPL-free is a big part of the story. So we are so extremely excited to be able to share with you our seamless undies, coming this summer! 

Be sure to get on the waitlist and follow the story of our true seamless collection.

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