We first created a Seam-LESS thong, here's why

We first created a Seam-LESS thong, here's why

Let's face it: products that we love and need can't always function the best when our priority is also health and sustainability.

Seamless underwear is certainly one of these products.

Similar to fitness wear, the needs of seamless underwear far outweigh the capabilities that natural fibers can meet. This was always the difficulty for us – we certainly weren't willing to negotiate on using synthetic fibers (like nylon or polyester) because they're bad for the planet and bad for our bodies. Ie. the exact opposite of what we stand for.

However, our beloved community of customers were desperate for a thong that fit and felt like the original Mineral Thong, but that had fewer seams and bulk and were easier to wear under tight fitting clothes.

So what were we to do?

Welcome, the Low Profile Thong.

We decided there was SOMETHING we could do to iterate the original thong but with fewer seams to meet our customers' needs while we worked on the true seamless undies.

So we came up with a 'bagged out' edge design, whereby the construction is double panelled throughout, allowing for cleaner edges and more 'hugged in' feel on the body. 

This 'seamless' version uses the same super soft fibers with a mineral enhanced, full coverage liner, while bringing you the best option for working out in and wearing under tighter things. This super sleek, mid-rise thong is nothing short of incredible.

Shop our seamLESS thong, the Low Profile Thong, or it's sister with the same design, the High Rise Thong.

Be sure to get on the waitlist and follow the story of our true seamless collection.

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