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Mineral Cheeky Undies
Mineral Cheeky Undies
Mineral Cheeky Undies
Mineral Cheeky Undies
Mineral Cheeky Undies
Mineral Cheeky Undies
Mineral Cheeky Undies
Mineral Cheeky Undies
Mineral Cheeky Undies

Mineral Cheeky Undies

$75.00 CAD

3 Pack
6 Pack

The Mineral Cheeky is designed with your vagina in mind. Infused with pharmaceutical-grade zinc, the Mineral Cheeky promotes a healthy pH balance by guarding against infection and odor causing bacteria. 

Say goodbye to uncomfortably-placed seams, tiny triangular gussets, muffin tops and chafing. The Mineral Cheeky features a full-coverage lining, elastic-free waistband, and super soft threads.

Our fibers are more breathable, anti-bacterial, and sustainable than even gynaecologist-recommended cotton.

Lining: Say goodbye to uncomfortable seams and tiny triangular gussets. The Mineral Cheeky's full-coverage lining that extends up to the waistband and back far enough to cover you back there, too.

Waistband: Say goodbye to tight squeezes and muffin tops. The Mineral Cheeky's elastic-free waistband will keep you feeling secure yet slim.

Threads: Say goodbye to chafing and rubbing. Our super soft threading and close attention to detail keeps you feeling comfortable, day in and day out.

To keep the zinc fresh and long-lasting, avoid tumble drying. Hang or lay flat to dry instead. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle with like colors.

Body: 95% Tencel Lyocell, 5% Elastane
Lining: 10% smartcel sensitive, 87% Lyocell, 3% Elastane

Undies Designed with Vaginas in Mind

Our undies are designed to promote vaginal pH balance. They're infused with pure, pharmaceutical grade Zinc Oxide, to fight off bad bacteria strains that cause yeast infections, UTIs, odor and discomfort. Plus, they're made with natural fibers that are more sustainable, breathable and anti-bacterial than cotton.

Free from hundreds of chemicals found in modern garments

Infused with natural mineral, Zinc, for anti-bacterial, anti-odor goodness

Fabrics that are more breathable, anti-bacterial and sustainable than cotton

Extemely effective in fighting yeast infection-causing bacteria, Candida Albicans

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