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Meet our Best-selling Thong: Full Coverage & Anti-Slip

Meet our Best-selling Thong: Full Coverage & Anti-Slip

Meet our Best-selling Thong: Full Coverage & Anti-Slip

No piece of underwear, with the exception of maybe the g-string or the string thong has evoked such a love/hate relationship with women across the globe. Just as women come in all beautiful shapes and sizes, so does lingerie and underwear AND since the 90s (for most of us) that 'go-to sexy pair' was always our trusted little lace thong.

But, is that changing? Are thongs no longer trending? Are we now moving into a different era and saying 'so long, thongs?' Here at Huha HQ, we believe there is an underwear revolution happening, but instead of saying goodbye to thongs, women are opting for more comfortable and practical options, which in our opinion is the new sexy. 😉

In this blog post we will be discussing:

  • The top 3 issues most women have with thong underwear
  • The benefits of choosing Huha mineral thong undies
  • Some Huha reviews to help you with your decision

The Top 3 Most Common Issues With Thongs

comfortable thong

Health Concerns

Many synthetic thongs are made with less breathable fabric, allowing moisture to be trapped –– which odour and itch-causing bacteria love –– and possibly even increases your chances of UTI infections. Since thongs are essentially a very close fitting fabric, nestled right against your lady parts, absorbing every bit of moisture, it’s just one of the side effects of wearing a thong.

Then you move around throughout the day, and with poorly designed or ill-fitting thongs, it's possible for E-coli bacteria to be transferred from your rectum to your vagina. 

A Narrow Gusset With Zero Coverage

Although your skin's main job is to act as a barrier to toxins, it’s also super vulnerable to the problems we face as a result of the clothing we wear. Some textile dyes and other garment additives in our clothing produce residual chemicals that can have negative effects on our skin when in constant contact. When choosing protective underwear, most thongs just don’t cut it when it comes to vagina coverage for this very reason and going commando is the worst thing you can do.

Also, a thoughtlessly designed narrow gusset doesn't take into consideration the numerous different shapes of our vaginas, labia and vulvas. A narrow, ill-fitting gusset can not only cause crazy insecurities but can also be VERY uncomfortable to wear all day. Plus, attempting to pull a thong out of both your butt and vagina folds gracefully and in public, is pretty much mission impossible.

narrow gusset

Not Period Friendly

When you’re rocking a thong, there is virtually no room for a pad or a panty liner. Even tampons can be an uncomfortable alternative. Not only is wearing a pad in a thong uncomfortable and impractical, but it’s also unhealthy. The pad will likely move around as there is less fabric to stick/grip on to, which means a higher risk for bacteria to move around as well and this can ultimately lead to infection.

Meet Our Best-Selling Mineral Thong!

The answer to all these thong issues and more!

mineral thong

Imagine a thong that doesn't ride up, chafe, or suffocate your sensitive parts. Imagine a thong so good, it converts even the most resolute anti thong-wearers. Meet our best-selling Mineral Thong! Shop our pre-sale here.

Made Using Super Soft, TENCEL™ Fabric

In our opinion, the best thongs are made from natural, breathable fabric such cotton thongs as well as TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal, which is also super soft, lightweight, stretchy, absorbent and durable. You can find these textiles in all our undies including our Mid-Rise Mineral Thongs, High Rise/High Waist Briefs and Cheeky underwear.

A Full Coverage Lining

Huha's full coverage, zinc-infused lining (industrial patent pending) is exactly that, full coverage. Our lining extends from the very top and front of our undies the whole way back and past the butt. It doesn't stop short, it doesn't start somewhere in the back or middle, it covers the entire area that we actually need covered.

Our super soft lyocell fabric lining is also infused with zinc oxide. In a clinical study it was found that zinc-infused lyocell fabric provides very strong antibacterial activity against the bacteria that causes itch and skin irritation and the bacteria than leads to UTIs. If you'd like to read more about the zinc-infused fabrics, read more about this topic in our previous blog post.

Wide Gusset

We understand that every woman is unique. We all come in different shapes (including our vaginas) which is why we added a little bit more coverage on our best-selling Mineral Thongs! Our wider gusset is much more comfortable, offers all vaginas the support they need and reduces those unwarranted labia insecurities dramatically. It also limits the pain and discomfort associated with underwear riding up your butt when moving around all day.

wider gusset

Huha Elastics = Anti-Slip

We tested many different elastics across our entire underwear line until we found the perfect one. Our elastics (while invisible and minimal) are found inside our seams, helping the undies stay true to the shape of your body and have enough 'give' to avoid the embarrassing 'muffin top'. They also create an anti-slip effect, helping to decrease any rubbing, chafing or unwanted 'transfers.'

If you're still not convinced and need a little bit more help deciding the best underwear for you, here are a few of our most recent mineral thong reviews!

thong reviews

In conclusion, there is definitely a time and a place for thongs, especially our full coverage, anti-slip mineral thongs. Whether you need to prevent panty lines when wearing thin and delicate fabrics, you want to feel sexy or you are thinking of getting up to a little hanky panky, thongs are definitely the underwear of choice. 

However, we do recommend avoiding synthetic, lacy garments altogether and choosing thongs with a fuller coverage lining and those made from natural, sustainable sources.

There are times of course when you should stay clear all thongs completely and opt in for our full coverage cheeky or high rise brief undies instead:

  • If you have painful hemorrhoids
  • During any activity that could lead to “whale tail” - which hasn't been a good look since late 90s fashion from Britney and Christina.
  • You're wearing a short skirt. If your in a public place, you could sweep up bacteria and viruses that rival those in a porta-potty.
  • You're on your period and you're wearing sanitary pads. We don't expect you to whip out the granny panties, but do have a some very cute, comfortable full coverage alternatives that you should check out on our shop.

Thanks for reading, gorgeous! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any thong-related questions. 

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