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Mineral Thong Undies
Mineral Thong Undies
Mineral Thong Undies
Mineral Thong Undies
Mineral Thong Undies
Mineral Thong Undies
Mineral Thong Undies
Mineral Thong Undies

Mineral Thong Undies

$75.00 CAD

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The Mineral Thong is full-coverage, flattering, and comfortable with built-in technology to keep you feeling fresh all day long. Complete with a flexible waistband and full-coverage gusset, the underwear lining is infused with medically-approved zinc for a pH-balancing wealth of daily comfort: anti-odor, anti-itch, and anti-infection.

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Undies Designed with Vaginas in Mind

Our undies are designed to promote vaginal pH balance. They're infused with pure, pharmaceutical grade Zinc Oxide, to fight off bad bacteria strains that cause yeast infections, UTIs, odor and discomfort. Plus, they're made with natural fibers that are more sustainable, breathable and anti-bacterial than cotton.

Free from hundreds of chemicals found in modern garments

Infused with natural mineral, Zinc, for anti-bacterial, anti-odor goodness

Fabrics that are more breathable, anti-bacterial and sustainable than cotton

Extemely effective in fighting yeast infection-causing bacteria, Candida Albicans

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